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Geochemical Services

Geochemical Services Pty Ltd provides clients with access to highly trained professional exploration geochemists with international exposure and extensive industry experience. An brief outline of services is provided below which will be further defined and documented at the time of engagement and will include, but not restricted to:

  • Informed comment and advice of proposed work-programs.

  • Processing and interpretation of geochemical data sets to target mineral deposits

  • Comment and advice on suitability of laboratories, analytical schemes and on chemical analysis including portable XRFs.

  • Mentoring and training clients in geochemical related topics.

Laboratory audit
Orientation Studies, water sampling
Geochemical project managment
Sampling and analyical best practice
geochemical data compliation and appraisals
application of portable XRF
regolith and geochemical training
ore recovery, geometallurgy
Development and Research
Laboratory Audits & QC evaluation


Provide a detailed laboratory audit for clients to ensure “Fit For Purpose” to a specific project, digestion or sample type and in accordance with JORC and 43-101 mining codes,


To ensure that client's quality control programs and CRMs are “fit for purpose” and cost effective


Evaluate and interprate "ïn-house"and laboratory QAQC data for bias and precision and sampling errors.

Orientation Studies


To provide details on the optimum sample type, size and character and the optimum analysis to enhance indicator element response. The aim is to increase the likelihood of detecting mineralization within specific regolith environments.  

Technical Geochemical Project Management


Management of geochemical programs including planning, analysis, data management, QAQC, interpretation, imaging, target identification and cost control.



Data Review and Evaluation of legacey data bases, data quality, appropriateness and compliance of project data sets 

Sampling and analytical best practice


To ensure sampling, sub-sampling, sample preparation and the quality and appropriateness of the assay and laboratory procedures meet client and stock exchange reporting requirements. 

Geochemical data compilations and appraisals


Compile attributed geochemical data sets (any format), merge and level multi-generation data and assess the quality and usefulness of historical company/government data sets, on project or continental scale.



Using proprietary algorithms applied to client or open file data sets, Geochemical Services can extract the maximum information to aid in target generation, ground selection and drill-site prioritization.

Application of portable XRF


With its sister company Portable XRF Services and Geochemical Services can provide all your companies pXRF needs including training instrument commissioning, pXRF ready CRMs, data flow, data interpretations and instrument hire.

Regolith and Geochemistry Training


Geochemical Services training courses are designed to be generic; however they can be tailored to a geological region, commodity or specific problem. For maximum benefit, participants are encouraged to bring and work on their own data-sets. This ensures that value-added products and worked through examples are taken back into the clients work environment. 



Geochemical Services has worked with numerous clients to aid in geochemically and mineralogically charaterising various ores, mulluck in order to optimise value during mining.

Development and Research


Geochemical Services is able to design, manage and facilitate R&D projects in exploration geochemistry utilizing the world’s best research scientists. Geochemical Services will implement appropriate protocols and procedures derived from R&D to capitalize on cutting edge information and maximize use of R&D dollars. 

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