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Dr Nigel Brand

Nigel worked for WMC Resources for eleven years until 1999. During his time at WMC he worked throughout the Norsman-Wiluna Greenstone belt on various regional Ni & Au exploitation programs and at WMC operations at Norseman, Kambalda, Kalgoorlie, Leinster and Mt Keith.


He completed his PhD in 1997 on weathering process associated with nickel sulphides.


On leaving WMC, Nigel joined Anglo American for four and a half years as their geochemist in the Asian-Pacific region, including India. Philippines and Australia exploring for Zn, Ni and Cu-Au PC/IOCG deposits. In 2004, Nigel and Dr David Lawie co-founded ioGeochemistry, a global independent geochemical consulting group based in Perth, Western Australia.


In January 2005 Nigel established an independent geochemical consulting Geochemical Services Pty Ltd to provide hands-on and applied geochemical expertise to international mineral exploration.

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