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Our Company

Geochemical Services Pty Ltd is an international resource industry consulting company operating from Perth, WA
Over the past few years Geochemical Services Pty Ltd have been active in the Indian subcontinent, Asia-Pacific region, Central Asia, South America Central and Southern and Central Africa and Australia, in diverse climatic and geological environments; from grassroots mineral exploration to metallurgical test work in both ferrous and non-ferrous commodities.
Geochemical Services Pty Ltd was established in 2005 with aim of becoming a pre-eminent, hands-on, independent global geochemical consultancy servicing the mineral exploration and mining industry.
Geochemical Services Pty Ltd provides clients with access to highly trained professional exploration geochemists with international exposure and extensive industry experience.
Geochemical Services Pty Ltd works under the Australian Institute of Geologists Code of Conduct and in accordance to the JORC and 43-101 codes.
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